Sunday, December 28, 2008

MMMMmmmmm Christmas Baking

My favorite part of Christmas is all the baking and eating of course. And coming into a new family usually means new recipes :-) This one is a keeper! Apparently this is a "secret family recipe" and should not be shared at all cost.. Well, as my mom would say (she was a marvelous cook); "recipes are meant to be shared". In my book, someone asking for your "secret" recipe, is the best form of flattery there is.
SOOOOOO, my friends, if you have a few hours to kill and you love donuts, email me and I will be glad to give you the instructions heeheehee.
FYI; they freeze well, however are best eaten right out of the Fryer!


Rachelle said...

wow! those do look amazing! I wish i could eat one without having to cook it. is it really a couple hours of time?

You can imagine how bad I felt telling my mother I couldn't give her the chowder recipe! I don't even know it!

The Benny's said...

That is bad! lol Your own Mother!
Yes...this recipe is a 2 man job, but I'm sure your hubby could manage this one and surprise you.