Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Favorite X-Mas gifts

This year, I must say, everyone surpassed themselves! I must be very "special" lol. My stepdaugther presented me with a beautiful picture of us together at her aunts wedding. It was very touching and heart warming to receive such a gift. My other step daugther and son (yes, there are 3!) must have been snooping in my wine cellar to find this info. If not, BRAVO! They both gave us 2 bottles that I simply love. Wolfblass "Grey" and the Errazuriz. I also got something very unexpected from my in-laws, a gift certificate from Sephora!! Heaven!! From my hubby, the best gift has to be the book "My Last Supper". A true work of art. I'm a total foodie and I enjoyed browsing through this book so much. The photos are amazing. I will do a complete review later to give it the full justice it deserves.

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