Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kitty All Inclusive

When we go on vacation, everybody gets a break! Even the Friskmeister. So only the best will do and that is the Pet Bed and Breakfast . He gets the royal treatment from Melanie and the other lovely lady's. Friskie is quite the ladies man, he gets his daily brushings, soothing bird and cricket background music while napping (his favorite activity). No wonder he did not want to come back with me. Hangs out with the other boys and girls talking about us, their annoying roommates at home, recent events, best kibble... whatever else is relevant cat gossip. Has a great time and is treated like the King he is.

Now, coming back home was something else. At first, he gave us the cold shoulder for "abandoning" him for a week. Then it was like he grew an umbilical cord and reattached it to my back. He wouldn't let us out of his sight. He would follow us every step we took, the thump thump thump of his paws reminding you he was right on your ass. When we sit down he is right in your face begging for a scratch and cuddle.

Also, it seems that he has learned a new language from his other kitty friends. Its a whiny demanding meow like kids on a car trip; "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"Non stop all day. Just a phase I hope. He's reverting back to his childhood....Benjamin Button? Anyways, spring can't come fast enough . Then he can go back outside....and get stuck under the deck! SHEESH.

**This picture was taken at the Pet Bed and Breakfast. The structures are amazing, Friskie is under the "water fall" in this picture. There is also a plane, space shuttle and all kinds of little nooks cats can nap and play.

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