Friday, April 3, 2009

Cashou's Top Ten reasons "Why I like being a dog"

10) I get to sleep on other peoples clothes

9) I get to go to bed whenever I want (usually every 15 minutes)

8) I don't beg for handouts....I just get whatever falls on the floor

7) I live with a cat that I can torment any time I feel like it

6) I have my own private courtyard where I AM KING!

5) I can go in and out any time by pretending I have to pee

4) If I lie on my back and look cute I always get a belly rub

3) I get the backseat to myself when we go for a drive

2) People don't mind it when I sit on them

And the number one reason I like being a dog....

I can walk around naked all day, every day and not have to pay or worry about what I'm going to wear.

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