Friday, April 3, 2009

Friskies Top 10 Reasons "Why I like being a cat"

10) I get to meow my ass off anytime I want for no reason

9) I get to stay at the Kitty Spa when mom and dad go on vacation

8) I get to drink from the faucet like a civilised cat

7) I live with a dog who keeps the riff raff out of the yard

6) People don't mind when I sit on them

5) I'm so cute I get scratched and massaged just by looking at mom and dad

4) I have my own private mansion where I can sleep on anything I want...especially boxes! I AM KING!

3) I have a bed in every room

2) I get to play under the deck in the yard

And the number one reason I like being a cat...

I get the fame..Cashou gets the blame!

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