Friday, April 17, 2009


This is by far the best movie I have seen this year.

In our cynical world, simplicity is often ridiculed or ignored. Simplicity can be mistaken for simple-minded. Do not make that mistake with Amal.

This enchanting Indo-Canadian film is a modern fable. It depends on elegant simplicity to make its case, to tell its modest story about an auto rickshaw driver in contemporary New Delhi.

Filmed in English and Hindi, Amal is the work of Toronto filmmaker Richie Mehta. Amal made its world premiere as a fully realized film at the 2007 Toronto film festival. This being Canada, a country that is almost paralyzed in its domestic film distribution system, we have been forced to wait another 11 months for the theatrical run to begin. Shameful!

Shot on location in India by a combined Canadian and Indian crew, Amal follows the simple daily life of the title character (played by Canada's Rupinder Nagra). As the man many of us might aspire to be in a state of enlightenment, he is incredibly poor, yet rich in spirit, generosity and selflessness.
I wont divulge anymore of the story, this is a MUST see. Enjoy!

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