Sunday, November 16, 2008

Murray Street Bistro

For weeks now, we have been dying to try Murray street, but life got in the way...ya know.

So finally, on Saturday night, 2 hrs after my plane landed from Toronto, we went with my future sister in law and her new hubby. Well, as tired as I was, it was one of the best meals in a long time. My fiancé ordered the poutine, and I knew how good it was by the way he was looking at me and holding on to that bowl. Just like a dog and his bone. I did manage to sneak in a bite when he was not looking, and Oh Boy! Party in my mouth.

Poutine 11$ Shredded duck confit, 3 year old Balderson cheddar, hand cut spätzle, roast duck gravy add ‘tongue & cheek’ grass fed beef chili

As a small plate, I had something called Angels on horseback. It was sort of a round crepe like dish, with a cheese I cannot remember, and smoked bacon as a topping. It was heavenly delicious.

This restaurant is known for their Charcuterie. For 25$ you can choose 3 meats & 2 cheeses or vice versa. Below is a list of the items all 4 of us chose:

Smoked Ostrich 8$
Wild Boar Ham (Maison Gibier) 7$
Duck liver mousse (in-house) 8$
Cendre de Lune (Warwick, Quebec) 8$
Sauvagine (cow) (Portneuf, Quebec) 7$
Pine River 7yr Cheddar (cow) (Bruce County, ON) 7$
Ciel de Charlevoix (raw/cow) (La Maison Affinage, Quebec) 9$

Everything was divine, especially the little crostinis that comes in the cutest brown bag. We asked for refills 4 times.. Oink Oink.

I would order the Pine River cheddar again and again.. The wild boar ham, tasted like ham I found, nothing out of this world. The duck liver mousse, is a different story, it comes in a small crock pot and is simply the best I ever had. The waiter even brought my fiancé a small spoon to get to the bottom of it all!

Our dinner companions both ordered the Fish "n" chip. Yes 1 chip, but a big one! The fish was fresh and perfectly pan fried. It also comes with a homemade ketchup, that is very typical among Quebecois. It is also sometimes called chow chow.

Fish ‘n’ Chip 25$ Pan roast Whalesbone sustainable catch, the Vandenberg’s Superior potato fry, in-house pickle mayo, Spiccoli’s field tomato ‘ketchup’

The wine......we ordered 5oz. Glasses, was not in the mood for a bottle and didn't want to be limited to just 1 wine that evening:

Cabernet Franc 11$
Thirty Three Vines, P.E.C. ON

I recommend it, I am somewhat of a wine snob, and truly enjoyed this wine, 2 glasses of it actually.

Zinfandel 9$
Pedroncelli, Sonoma County, CA

Nothing memorable, but still very good.

We all ordered deserts, they were all finger licking good! Especially the chocolate pudding with rock salt! Yumm.

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Annalise Atomic! said...

Cass and I have been meaning to go there. The review in the Ottawa Xpress was fabulous, as was yours!